Lady Crush

As a 20-something entering law school, I’m working to bridge the gap between the feminist theory I learned about as an undergraduate and the feminist living I’m trying to do as a young woman in the real world.The move from my liberal college town back to my less-than feminist friendly hometown in rural N.C. left me longing for someone with whom I could share all the exciting, progressive and pro-woman things I discover. And someone with whom I could rant about all the ridiculous, patriarchal and sexist things I come across.
Since I had no one around to get feminist-crazy with, I began paying extra attention to the bios of women professionals, reporters, bloggers, etc… “I bet she’d totally agree with me on this,” I’d think. Or “Wow, now there’s a woman who knows what she’s doing.” Pretty soon I’d developed a growing list of lady crushes on tons of brilliant women who I wanted to be like, be friends with or become a cult follower of.
Lady Crush is a manifestation of my desire to show appreciation for and share all the gadgets, articles,  people, products, places and things that tickle this young feminist’s fancy.
Let the Lady Crushing begin!

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