I Do…I Don’t…I Don’t Know

Being 22 years old in June means that at least 53 people you know are getting married every weekend. Maybe that’s a bit of an over estimation, but the race down the aisle is in full swing for many of the women around me.

A conversation with a 24-year-old woman I know from out-of-state, who is here in N.C. for a  summer internship, really put things into perspective. “People here get married young, don’t they,” she asked. “Everyone I meet keeps asking where I’m from and why I’m not married.”

Sounds about right…

Mike Kemp / Corbis - Newsweek.com

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not anti-marriage. My parents have been happily married for almost 28 years and I would certainly love to find what they have one day. I think.

I guess I’m just wondering why the rush? Equality Myth bloggers and Newsweek writers Jessica Bennett and Jesse Ellison wrote a compelling article about the case against marriage earlier this month.

This article raises the question that maybe marriage is just an outdated institution. And while I agree that our ideas of what it means to be married and what roles married people should assume need some revitalization, I just don’t know if I’m ready write the whole thing off just yet.


One response to “I Do…I Don’t…I Don’t Know

  1. Courntey, I am not a fan of blog sites please be very careful in what you say on this venue since everyone in the world can review it and some people may choose to use it in other ways than you intended. What I read above makes me proud and reinforces my expectations for you some day “I will see you make decisions for the many”. Please remember it always about the good for the many not the few, but when possible always save the few never leave anyone out. You are great. love your dear old dad and dont forget the boat.

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