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Is Too A Feminist!

Kate Whittle’s recent post on the Ms. Blog scores singer/song writer/former homeless girl Jewel as a “mediocre feminist.” What!?!

I didn’t actually start enjoying Jewel’s music until college when I started throwing around words like gender equality. But now, I love her. So much of her music is empowering and the rest is, at the very least, good listening (like Stay Here Together from her newest album. Could Jewel be anymore adorable in this video? Total lady crush!)

JewelMusicOnline - jeweljk/com

Jewel is at least a Pretty Much A Feminist on my litmus test! Think songs like “Stronger Woman,” “I’m Sensitive,” and the beautifully sarcastic “God’s Gift To Women,” (my favorite line is: I’ve been saving myself my whole life/For some sketcher like you to come along) to name a few. Not to mention her famous and beautifully imperfect smile. She’s definitely got some ‘stick it to the man’ attitude.

Read the post for a better summary, but basically Jewel is being criticized for the cliche way she talks about body image in Shape magazine. Yes, it is probably a little cliche, but come on, it wasn’t enough to kick her out of the club.

At least Whittle admits that it’s possible she is being a little harsh on Jewel.

Yeah, I’d say so.